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Defensive Publications are a method for the open source community to prevent the issuance of low quality software patents. These publications serve as evidence to disclose to the examiner what is new and innovative within the technology. Through Linux Defenders, developers collaborate with our team to ensure that these publications are effective in protecting the freedom to create, invent and operate.

Publication Date Title Tags
January 12, 2015 System for designing and creating computer programs using finite state machines
The methods commonly used to develop computer software are very difficult, time consuming and error prone. Many software projects are canceled due to cost and time overruns. It is common for projects to fail to deliver all of the anticipated benefits.
database software development Computer Programming Object Oriented Programming Transaction Processing Finite State Machine Publish and Subscribe Internet of Things Eclipse Rich Client Plugin RCP
October 20, 2014 Discovering Code Cloning in Software Source Code by Fingerprinting
This document describes a simple code clone detection method that extracts string constants and other idenfitiers (function names, method names, variable names, etc.) from source code and compares these identifiers to a knowledgebase with identifiers extracted from publicly available open source software with the aim of finding copied code.
Linux FreeBSD Unix software software development *BSD Android Java open source code clone detection
October 20, 2014 Multiparty Verified Code Execution on Modern Browsers
A process that allows a user to securely execute a web application without trusting a single server.
security Multiparty Verified Verification Code Execution Javascript Web Application Browser Secure Distributed Cryptography Bookmark Bookmarklet
October 20, 2014 Cloud File Syncing Encryption System
This publication describes the encryption system implemented in ownCloud1, a cloud file storage and syncing system.
encryption cloud data syncing
September 05, 2014 Token-Based Multiparty Password Authenticated Key Retrieval Process
This is a process that allows a user to retrieve a secret key with the help of multiple independent servers.
security Multiparty Secure Distributed Cryptography authentication password Authenticated Key Retrieval PAKR Secret Token
May 14, 2014 Improved password based solution for authentication and authorization
The idea proposed will provide improved secure password handling that is possible to map onto legacy hardware and procedures, only requiring a secure domain for the user password database management and moderate modifications of the legacy software.
security password protected database trusted platform module
April 07, 2014 Discovering, verifying and visualizing dependencies between dynamically linked software components for researching build configuration, open source license compliance and security
The method in this document describes how these dependencies can be found for binaries that use the ELF format (Executable and Linking Format), which is the binary format used on the Unix(-like) systems mentioned before.
security visualization Linux FreeBSD BSD Unix QNX Solaris ELF software software development dynamic linking open source license compliance defect discovery reverse engineering
Distributed object storage architecture leverages device intelligence to provide a reliable and scalable storage abstraction with minimal oversight.
RADOS cluster map data distribution object storage devices
The work is a robust hierarchical data distribution function that places data in a large distributed storage system.
file systems distributed storage systems hierarchical data distribution
February 19, 2014 RELIABLE, SCALABLE, AND HIGH-­PERFORMANCE DISTRIBUTED STORAGE: Distributed Metadata Management
This system and method describes distributed metadata management architecture that provides excellent performance and scalability while seamlessly tolerating arbitrary node crashes.
metadata server metadata Ceph
January 23, 2014 Type- Erased Container Iteration
Disclosed is a method of processing the elements of a container in a strongly typed language without compile-time knowledge of the type of the container or of the element type within the container.
Type-erasure container iteration rtti runtime type information dynamic type dynamic typing variable type any type
January 22, 2014 A string excitation model for audio synthesis of bowed string instruments
This disclosure describes an audio synthesis model for the excitation of the strings of a musical string instrument by a bow. Inspired by research results pertaining to block-sliding motion, it superimposes regular pulse trains in a self-similar manner. The result is perturbed randomly to account for natural variations and thereby yields a statistically self-similar pulse-train.
musical instrument synthesis bowed strings string excitation
November 24, 2013 Prefiltering Antialiasing for General Vector Graphics
The use of this technique can significantly enhance the visual quality of most computer applications.
Vector Graphics Antialiasing Prefiltering Sampling Signal Processing Nyquist-Shannon
July 08, 2013 A virtual jog wheel for quick, accessible navigation
Disclosed is an input method for navigating the elements displayed on a touchscreen device in an efficient manner that is accessible to people who are blind and others.
virtual jog wheel scroll wheel navigation touchscreen accessibility blind screen reader text to speech
June 07, 2013 Detecting Manchester Encoded Data using a Processor
The following describes a novel method for detecting Manchester encoded binary data sent through a communication medium using a microprocessor.
telecommunications phase encoding
May 24, 2013 Limited Window Data Deduplication for Tape backups
Described is a technique for using Data Deduplication in a streamable, limited context for reducing tape backup data volume in addition to traditional data compression. Global Deduplication to tape is possible but complex and tricky to implement.
archival data de-duplication tape library data compression data de-duplication for tape backups
April 16, 2013 Optimizing Rolling Hash computation using SIMD Vector registers
Described is a technique for speeding up the rolling hash computation used in content-aware chunking for data deduplication via SIMD vector instructions.
single instruction multiple data vectorized hash function X86 Processor Vector Instructions streaming SIMD Extensions advanced vector expressions sliding window rolling hash content-aware chunking data de-duplication
April 16, 2013 Scalable Data Deduplication using Similarity Matching and in-memory indexes
Data Deduplication for large datasets typically encounters the problem of very large indexes to hold the chunk hashes. The indexes do not fit into RAM and require multiple disk accesses to lookup a hash to check whether it is already present in the archive.
data de-duplication
March 12, 2013 Optimized Min-heap based Similarity Detection for Delta Encoding
Described is a new technique for detecting approximate similarity between different chunks of data which enables the use of Delta Encoding techniques to reduce data volume, in addition to Deduplication based on exact matches.
data de-duplication MinHash delta encoding
February 08, 2013 Amaxtus : The Pressure Sensitive Wheelchair
Mobility is an important aspect for a physically disabled person to be independent. AMAXTUS is developed aiming to eliminate the immobility of the needy, as well as to ease it into the Indian economy with ease. The concept of “press to drive” implemented in the wheel chair sets it apart from all the existing mechanically steered drives. The basic driving system of AMAXTUS can be later coupled with other innumerous electric vehicles as well to make them touch driven as well.
pressure drives
January 23, 2013 Replication Mechanism for a Distributed Version Control System
Disclosed is a mechanism for replication of content repositories of a distributed version control system (DVCS), which is unique in that objects and branch references are transferred between nodes by independent means, with only branch references subject to synchronization among nodes.
January 03, 2013 Circle to Zoom
Users of touchscreen devices occasionally are using screen that are less than ideal for reading documents or viewing images. In these cases it may be required to enlarge the text, image, or other medium in order to better view the media.
touch screen zoom
December 18, 2012 Automated Testing Fixtures for Distributed Environments
Modern software development frequently uses a test driven approach or takes place in a distributed software environment where confidence in the software product depends upon the contents, frequency, and thoroughness of testing.
automated testing
December 18, 2012 Multifactor Authentication
Reset systems often rely upon on generally known or easily discoverable information. Systems with more secure and reliable authentication are clearly required.
user authentication
December 18, 2012 Navigating Filesystems in a N-Tier Column Delimited File- Folder Hierarchy
Most filesystems are built around a file / folder hierarchical structure
file-folder hierarchy
December 18, 2012 Accessing Functionality from a side of the screen swipe
This describes a way to access additional application information or functionality on touch screen devices.
touch screen
December 18, 2012 Storing Arrays of Numerical Values for Expedient Lookup and Manipulation
Some websites allow for users to alter or retrieve content data in real time. In cases where the content consists of non-numerical information, a database is useful to lookup and alter this set of data.
database alternatives
December 18, 2012 Toggling the Visibility and Location of Digital Assets
Users of computer interfaces often require multiple “windows” or visible task interfaces open to complete their task. Frequently, users must refer back to another window to read, edit, or enter commands into as they work
toggling visualization
December 18, 2012 A Method and System for Tallying Encrypted Votes in an Electronic Voting System
This disclosure describes a method for reporting the results of an election after collecting encrypted votes from an electronic voting system.
voting encryption
December 18, 2012 Copying Multiple Items for More Convenient Pasting
This document describes the idea of copying multiple items so that later on you can browse through them and paste them whenever you need them.
copy store
December 18, 2012 Browser to Minimize Expenditure on Websites
Access to the internet is a great enabler of productivity, providing tools for research (such as search engines), communication (email, etc) and so on. However, for most users, it can also serve as a strong distraction, negating some of the gains it provides.
timer time management website
December 18, 2012 Method for Synching Directories to RAM
This disclosure describes the use of syncing directories to RAM in order to minimize physical wear to physical disks and increase read/write speed.
RAM synching
December 18, 2012 Extending Language Functionality
The problem of using multiple languages is that they may not integrate very well. The flow of a solution may go through several files containing code written in different languages all of which may have different programming conventions
functionality multiple access
December 18, 2012 Method and System for Updating Software over the Internet
When new software is released, in most cases, it will not be bug free. Over time, bugs are found and fixed. When this happens, a new version of the software will come out. Software developers will need a way to provide the new software to their end users.
software updates
November 10, 2012 Feature to create melody from lyrics on smart phone / computer
One musical note is created for each syllable with the note duration computed from the number of vocals and consonants in the syllable. By doing this the combination of lyrical and melodic phrases sounds very natural and gives the composer a melody ready for final touches.
database lyics music
November 07, 2012 Ability to watch media “edited” or “personalized” or “enhanced” for arbitrary (online and offline) movie players.
The invention described here can ascertain the “current playback time” from any arbitrary video player while it is playing on a device (ex: Netflix instant, hulu, hulu plus, VLC, amazon VOD, etc.,) and then use that information to perform any number of reactions, for instance “muting” profanity during a known timestamp, or skipping/obscuring a scene known to be offensive, etc. The invention also describes some playback/quality enhancements that can be used for any player’s arbitrary playback.
playback sensible cinema
November 07, 2012 Method to deploy non-standarized software packages in heterogenious environments with make
This technical disclosure describes a method to deploy software packages of various kinds to one or more environments containing different versions of different operating systems by using make as a central deployment tool. Using only POSIX compliant commands, each variant of make (even Microsoft's nmake) is able to behave in the same manner.
software packages
August 23, 2012 Various Techniques to Increases Searching Speed, Unification, Reduce Installation Cost & Memory Consumption
Biometrics is playing a vital role in today’s technical world. In today’s world biometrics means security, automation and so many other usages. There are a lot of techniques for searching a biometric data or pattern from large database. This paper is about various techniques for fast searching. More specifically I can say I am going to purpose three new methods to search a person’s identity from whole universe’s database.
biometrics fingerprinting
August 08, 2012 Sending automatic replies to emails in a per user configurable way
Described is a system that can process e-mails and send automatic replies based on both system configuration and a per user configuration.
email autoresponse
July 04, 2012 Dynamic user configurable "full vision of sight" viewing of live streamed events
The basic goal of this invention is to make it so you can watch a sporting event and for it to be as good as being there in the stands. The chief advantage of being in the stands is that one can see in any direction at any time, and get reliable audio.
full vision of sight
April 25, 2012 Biometric Authentication Exemptions using Pattern Exceptions
Biometric authentication systems may be enabled to recognize and react to biometric pattern exceptions. The results can be used to identify whether the scanned individual is exempt from true authentication and further security checks.
biometric authentication
February 27, 2012 Efficient Provisioning of Complex Structures over Unsecured Channels
The document describes how you by combining MAC (Message Authencation Code) operations with a virtual name-space can provision cryptographic keys in a secure and efficient way over an unsecure channel.
smart card
January 31, 2012 Finding Software License Violations Through Binary Code Clone Detection
Software released in binary form frequently uses third-party packages without respecting their licensing terms. Such license violations are often accidental, for example when vendors receive binary code from their suppliers with no indication of its provenance.
Linux FreeBSD BSD Unix software open source license compliance binary code license violations
January 29, 2012 Blood circuit pressure monitoring through infusion circuits in blood treatment machines
This document describes some ways to remove the specific blood circuit components (i.e; chambers, pods) used for pressure monitoring in order to decrease the risk of clotting in the blood extracorporeal without increasing the overall cost of the system.
blood pressure
August 16, 2011 Apparatus for Vacuum Assisted Powder/Suspension Filling of Capillaries or Tubes
This apparatus/assembly when inserted tip end into any vacuum port small enough to form contact/seal with the outside of the conical tube will allow the inner capillary to pull vacuum.
conical tube
April 27, 2011 Method for Prevention of Accidental Overheating
Commuters take their computers with them, typically in low power modes, more commonly known as Standby or Hibernation mode. In these modes, the computer saves power by turning off non- essential components of the system, which also reduces the generation of heat.
computer overheating
April 26, 2011 Method for Detection of Tampering with System Password Files
Virtually every operating system utilizes several methods to prevent unauthorized access to the system. While these methods differ in implementation and effectiveness, virtually every publicly utilized computer is secured by a password that restricts access to specific user accounts on that machine.
password hashes
March 23, 2011 Executable Integrity Verification
The ability to have an automatic process that verifies the integrity of any application would be of immense usefulness to any operating system, computer network, or computer user.
March 05, 2011 Distributed Steganography
Most permutations of steganography deal with how to embed the message (text, image, video, or audio) into the carrier file. Some permutations, such as SNOW, even use blanks at the end of text files in order to hide messages.
March 05, 2011 SNMP Extensions for a Self Healing Network
SNMP agents currently have a number of ‘get’ methods that allow the SNMP management server to query the agent for data. This invention necessitates adding at least one ‘set’ method.
SNMP Server
March 05, 2011 Multiple Source Evidence Application Trust Model
It is critical for an operating system to be able to determine if a given application, particularly one being downloaded, should be trusted. Traditional methods depend on items such as digital signatures or the application manifest files.
Digital signing
March 05, 2011 Secure Downloads
The only true way to safely download any data from the internet is to install the data/software/download on a separate machine and test it. Then if that test shows the software/data to be safe, then to install it on the target machine
secure downloads
March 05, 2011 Stable File System
There are two very serious problems in most file systems. The first is stability the second is fragmentation. This process addresses both.
file systems
March 03, 2011 DNS Based Remote Programming Objects
In this process a given DNS record would include information regarding a remote object. That information would include everything needed to connect to that object.
February 22, 2011 Pop-up Blocker Enhancement
As mentioned, some pop-ups are of particular relevance to the user, while others are not. The pop-up blocker enhancement, would serve as an add-on to the various web browsers
pop up ad
February 21, 2011 Tracking Handle Menu
The present invention relates to graphical user interfaces and more particularly to a menu system for improved direct manipulation using a pointing device.
pointing device
January 24, 2011 System and Method for Analysing Data Records Utilizing a Touch Screen Interface
The present invention describes a system, method and computer readable storage medium comprising instructions for analysing and comparing content of data records on electronic devices with at least one touch screen.
touch screen
November 17, 2010 Wireless Connection Notification System
This system will provide notification on the wireless device as to whether the user is in or out of range of a possible connection.
wifi alerts
November 17, 2010 Method for Selection of Quality of Various Content
While there are existing programs that are capable of adjusting the quality of various digital content, these programs can add to the time, cost, or complexity, and can involve multiple steps to adjust the quality or characteristics of a file.
digital media
November 13, 2010 The Social Network Connector
Being able to connect to multiple social networks simultaneously is extremely useful to people who utilize social networks.
social networks
November 13, 2010 Method for Subsequent Retrieval of Different Qualities of Digital Content
Building upon the previous invention permitting selection of media quality at download, in this invention, a reference is saved with each downloaded file on the local machine
digital content
November 12, 2010 Profiled E-mail Filter (One-Email/Multiple Folders)
This program would allow the user to receive these e-mails while simultaneously blocking other junk.
spam filter
November 12, 2010 Method for Intelligent Ranking of Webpages in Filtering of Content
Parental control software, and more broadly, content filtering software, is widely used to prevent users from accessing various content available on the internet. Currently, the majority of content filtering software relies on either a blacklist method or keyword filtering to determine whether content is suitable for viewing or not.
web filtering ranking system
November 10, 2010 Profiled E-mail Filter (One E-mail/Multiple Users)
This program would allow users who share their inboxes with others to filter the unsolicited e- mails to the appropriate inbox based on user preferences.
email filter
November 09, 2010 GPS Corrector
Most frequently, new roads are created, and old roads are closed leading the user to a street that is no longer in existence, and destroying the planned map guida
GPS Corrector
April 22, 2010 Secure Management of Objects in Remote Containers Shared by Multiple and Independent Issuers
The specification describes how objects issued by different issuers but stored in a single container can securely be managed by each issuer in a remote fashion.
security mobile phones
October 12, 2009 Dynamic Command Line Interface
A dynamic command line interface assists the user by suggesting appropriate commands, suggesting syntax corrections, and offering easily accessible help directly in the command line interface.
October 10, 2009 User interface for selecting items in ordered lists
The description of an user interface which allows the quick selection of any given item in an ordered list (usually numbered pages, but it can be any kind of items in an order which can be mapped to integers in ascending order) is given, with a 'canonical' description and a discussion of several possible trivial variations.
dichotomic search
August 19, 2009 Kernel Based User Authentication
The Security Sector prevents the execution of system commands unless the user can be authenticated by the Security Sector.
security kernel
August 11, 2009 Installation Verification System
A system is needed that, upon installation of a software program, uses a mechanism to check that all needed components of the software program are present and properly linked, and allow the user to easily resolve any missing prerequisite software.
missing software components
August 11, 2009 VoIP Parallel Data Transmission System
A system is needed that reduces the percentage of dropped or delayed packets, such that voice data can be decoded without need for packet loss corrections and voice data interpolation.
August 03, 2009 API for Shared Media Control
Media applications are written to share media playback control functions as system calls within the Media API.
media playback controls
July 29, 2009 File System Scanning for Creation of OS User Profile
A Profile Creation Module within an operating system creates a profile of user preferences and interests by scanning the file system for relevant information.
user information
July 29, 2009 Virtual Machine Debugging Module
The unique concept of the present invention is the ability to quickly test code in an environment similar to the environment encountered during normal operation
July 29, 2009 Method for determining a user’s comprehension level of an application and modifying application text outputs accordingly
The implementation of text classification technology can be used to modify applications according to the comprehension level of the use
text classification
July 29, 2009 Method of Security for OS User Profile
The unique concept of the present invention is the ability for a user to regulate the amount of personal information that is provided to a web page.
user profile
July 28, 2009 USB Two Factor Authentication- A Novel Methodology for Physically Authenticating a New Hardware Device
New hardware devices added to secure networks require authentication to verify that the devices belong on the secure network.
hardware authentication
July 28, 2009 Two Factor Authenication Mechanism
The Assisted Two Factor Authentication Mechanism via a Trusted External Source is a new secure method for adding hardware to a secure network.
hardware authentication peer information
July 28, 2009 Use of File Extension Index for Faster Search
The unique concept of the present invention is the use of a file Extension Index to speed up the process of searching for files.
file search
July 26, 2009 Method of and System for Dynamic Maintenance of OS User Profile
A Profile Maintenance Module within the operating system of a user machine monitors the behavior of a user and extracts information relevant to the user’s interests and preferences
user profile
July 25, 2009 Method of Smart Mail Synchronization for Mobile Devices
A method is needed for unobtrusive synchronization of large files with minimal user activity.
large file synchronization
July 21, 2009 Server-Side Latency Synchronization System for Data Consistency in a Distributed Processing System
In a Distributed Processing Application, such as in online gaming or any other distributed groupware system, latencies of users interacting with one another are synchronized at the opening of the online interaction session by an operating system module.
gaming system
July 19, 2009 Online Verification of Executable Files
In the present invention, the operating system verifies the authenticity of executable files with the assistance of an online vendor server.
hash bytecodes
July 13, 2009 Centralized E-Commerce System
The unique concept of the present invention is the management of e-commerce transactions by a third party server or server cloud.
e-commerce identity theft fraud
July 13, 2009 Method and System for Preventing Duplicate Files
When a new file is added to the machine, the Duplicate Detection Module filters the sum of all files to return only files of the same file type and size range. The filename and metadata of the filtered files are then analyzed to identify duplicate files.
duplicate files
July 09, 2009 Operating System File Compression System
A file compression system, implemented within the operating system, reduces the size of large files for faster transfer over the internet with minimal user involvement.
file compression
July 03, 2009 Measurement and Use of Streaming Data Quality Indicator
The present invention is a module within the operating system of a computing device calculating the data quality of an incoming media stream.
data quality streaming
July 02, 2009 Method for authenticating user identity using security questions based on prior operating system activity
A module designed to record operating system activity by a given user can be used to generate security questions to verify the authenticity of the user.
authenticity user generated
June 30, 2009 Software Repository Recommendation System
A third party server recommends new software packages to the user based on the software previously installed on the user’s machine.
updates third-party recommendations
June 30, 2009 Push-down Webpage Preloading for Faster Web Browsing
An operating system module on the User machine monitors requests from internet servers to “push” content onto the user machine in order to facilitate faster web browsing.
prefetching automatic
June 30, 2009 OS User Profile for Preference Based Filtering
A system is needed that provides a more efficient way to filter web page content based on user preferences.
personalized content
June 23, 2009 Method and System for Maintaining File Compatibility Between Functional Devices
This invention is a system for insuring the compatibility of different file types with a variety of different computing devices.
June 23, 2009 File Access Management with Secure Hardware
A system is needed that not only manages all access to secure files, but also limits which devices may have access to the file itself.
security information
June 23, 2009 Improved Copyright Protection
A method of checking externally created and internally created material for copyright protection and setting user access privileges accordingly.
copyright protection user-generated material
June 23, 2009 Retrieving Highly Relevant Data using a Natural Language Search
This invention involves the Linux OS acting as a search filter that can be turned on or off.
user preference filtering
June 23, 2009 System for Output Preview and Optimization without Querying Device Capabilities
The operating system contains an Output Compatibility Module, which is responsible for managing file output to a plurality of device types which may be connected to a personal compute
file format output device
June 22, 2009 Automatic Window Adjustment
The present invention is a method for automatically adjusting the size and position of a window in the display area.
automatic display adjustment window
June 22, 2009 Predictive User Interface
A system is needed in which the user interface can adapt to the needs of the user, simplifying the user’s interactions with the operating system.
user commands
June 22, 2009 Virtual Printing System for Output Preview
A user may wish to produce true-to-life printer previews on a mobile computing device, or while away from a printer, there is a need to for a system that provides a true-to-life print preview without querying a connected printer.
printer preview
June 16, 2009 System for Automated Network Security Deployment
A system is needed to simplify the process of adding a device to a network in such a way that a detailed knowledge of the network is not required.
configuration script
June 16, 2009 VPN Sales System
Needed is a means of conducting transactions over a secure network such that internet and website security are not topics of concern.
security transactions
June 16, 2009 Improving Transmission Speed of Data over the Web
A system is needed that facilitates faster transfer of large files over the internet.
file transfer system
June 15, 2009 Client-Side Latency Synchronization System for Data Consistency in a Distributed Processing System
A system is needed that ensures data synchronization in such a way that promotes fairness despite latency issues arising from a user’s geographical location.
synchronization latency
June 15, 2009 Image Management System for Compatibility with Mobile Devices
A system is needed to recognize these situations and provide possible alterations to the image that would render the image fully viewable.
image transfer mobile device
June 15, 2009 HTML Shorthand for Faster Web Page Transmission
A new method is necessary to minimize load times for web pages without relying on the creation of new bandwidth.
data transfer load time
April 26, 2009 Session Key Establishment between a Security Element and a Server
This document shows how key-attestations performed by an SE equipped with an embedded private key and certificate for "credential bootstrapping" also can be used to establish a shared session key between an SE and an issuer server.
encryption session keys
April 01, 2009 Maintaining sums in a hierarchy
Using a system inspired by a makefile for fast hierarchical summing up of inventories and maintaining of such sums. The inspiration comes from the makefile representing dependencies between objects that need to be updated.
database file system
April 01, 2009 Operating System Level Search Client
A Search Client module resides in the operating system and allows the user to easily query a search engine for help with OS issues.
search engines query
April 01, 2009 File Tagging System
A system is needed that allows for files and folders to be viewed based on user defined associations.
tag registry
April 01, 2009 Conditions-Adaptive User Interface
The Operating System periodically adjusts visible attributes of the Graphical User Interface to make viewing on-screen information easier for the user.
user preference interface
March 30, 2009 Parallel Processed VoIP System
A more efficient way of producing and transmitting voice data in such a way that packet loss and delay is not detrimental to voice quality is needed
voice data multi-core processing
March 30, 2009 Oscillating Pixels for Enhanced Text Display
Pixels occurring on the edge of shapes rapidly oscillate between the two adjacent colors reducing the appearance of jagged edges on current display devices.
display pixels oscillate
March 23, 2009 Dynamic Command Line Interface
Before a user may execute a command, advanced knowledge of the command and its usage are required. A system is needed to give real time assistance to users of the command line interface.
syntax corrections command line
March 23, 2009 Device Permissions System
If, after transferring the file, the file can not be used, the user may become frustrated or intimidated. To remedy this situation, a system for the Operating System to analyze a hardware device’s capabilities is needed.
hardware device trasnfer
March 23, 2009 Centralized Adaptive Spam Detection System
A more dynamic method of spam detection is necessary to keep up with the level of spam on the internet today.
spam detection
March 23, 2009 Method of Advanced Spam Detection and Classification
Some spam messages often make it past the filter, while some desired messages may be inadvertently filtered out. In addition, these methods do not provide for the prediction of the reliability of spam classification
spam filter
March 20, 2009 Online Biometric Login Method
Because multiple username-password combinations may be difficult to remember, users often reuse the same username and password for many accounts. These passwords are often easy to crack and, once compromised, all of the users online accounts may be at risk.
password biometric information
March 20, 2009 Security Hardware Password Manager
A password manager encrypts usernames and passwords and stores them centrally on a local machine for ease of use. Security hardware prevents unauthorized access to the usernames and passwords.
encryption passwords
March 20, 2009 Software License Purchasing and Registration System
A Software Purchase Module registers purchased software licenses with the software vendor. The Software Purchase Module may generate purchase orders for additional software licenses and communicate the purchase order to the appropriate vendor server.
software installation registry
March 19, 2009 Mouse-over File Browsing System
This invention is an addition to the file manager GUI that provides more information to the user via pop up previews and file browsing, which is initiated by moving the mouse cursor over a folder or file icon.
mouse cursor browsing
March 18, 2009 System for Enforcing Software Licenses Using User Accounts
A system is established by which a username and password are used to verify that the user of a piece of software owns a license for the software. The user’s account information (username and password) and corresponding software license information is stored on third party server.
user account information software license information
March 18, 2009 Self Adaptive Module for Maintaining Network Compatibility
A need exists for the programmer to be able to enact a routine that automatically reconfigures network appliances and applications.
configuration updates
March 18, 2009 Update Manager Module for an Enhanced Method for Updating an Operating System
A need exists for an increasingly efficient means for updating an operating system.
updates operating system
March 18, 2009 Method for updating an operating system using a registry module and communication with a vendor server
A need exists for the operating system to have the capability to notify the user of an available software update.
operating system registry module
March 18, 2009 Operating system module for automated remapping of access to network resources
This module eliminates manual reconfiguration making the process more efficient.
network mapping
March 17, 2009 Method for selectively encrypting sensitive information for use in online forms
A virtual "lockbox" module is created for use by the operating system in which sensitive data types may be stored akin to a bank safety deposit box.
online forms populate
March 16, 2009 Preemptive Synchronization Scheduler System
What is needed is a synchronization priority scheduler system that differentiates between high and low priority tasks, and allocates available network resources to ensure important information is available when the user needs it, while still ensuring that lower priority tasks are handled.
synchronization devices
March 16, 2009 Method for Update Distribution
A method to efficiently distribute updates and fixes and information about these updates and fixes is necessary.
software updates
March 16, 2009 System for Tracking and Enforcing Software Licenses
There is no mechanism for the enforcement of such software licenses and as such, software pirating is rampant. A method for enforcing and tracking software licenses is necessary.
software licenses tracking
March 14, 2009 System and Method for Installing and Verifying a Digital Rights Management Operating System
This invention provides for a system for installing and verifying an Operating System with DRM capabilities while preventing the piracy of the operating system itself.
DRM piracy
March 12, 2009 Method facilitating automated synchronization between a host and mobile device
A method and system to automatically synchronize multiple mobile devices with a single host is needed.
metadata transfer mobile devices
March 12, 2009 System for Identifying and Updating Software from a Remote Service Computer
This Website is responsible for maintaining a list of connected machines, and referring them to an Internet based Service Machine, which in turn analyzes the contents of the User Machine and provides the necessary software updates.
software updates
March 11, 2009 Method and System for Automatically Finding and Updating Hardware Components
Although current operating systems have automated driver search systems in place, they are often ineffective due to the fact that drivers are not located centrally on a single server, but rather can be anywhere on the internet.
hardware automatic installation
March 11, 2009 Method and System for Updating Software from a Remote Service Computer
This invention describes a system where a service machine installs the most recent version of a given piece of software, regardless of what version is currently installed.
software updates
March 11, 2009 File Lock System
Current systems also fail to provide a means to encrypt only the sensitive portions of documents, such as an audio file attached to a text document.
encryption data security
March 11, 2009 Method of Providing Anonymous Secure User Access Tokens
While passwords provide some protection, a skilled individual can intercept data such as usernames and passwords and gain access to the data.
security access
March 11, 2009 Method of Providing Anonymous Secure User Access Tokens
While passwords provide some protection, a skilled individual can intercept data such as usernames and passwords and gain access to the data.
authentication database access
March 03, 2009 Method for Operating Multiple Applications on a Standard Smart Card
What is needed is a smart card that can carry more than one application, bringing the capabilities of a smart card more towards the capabilities of a cellular phone or personal digital assistant (PDA).
smart cards
February 24, 2009 Process for Implementing a Single Login Process for Internal Computer Services
With so many passwords, users tend to create the same password for every computer service or, worse, leave a printed list of this information in plain sight.
authentication database
February 21, 2009 Method for Updating New Application Installations and for Installing Upgrades and Fixes When Available
Application software purchased on a CD or other media sometimes might not be the latest version. Linux remedies the need for upgrading down-level software. .
software updates
February 20, 2009 Method for Securely Transmitting Information Online When the Security Is Enabled by the Sender
Most digital data transmissions are not secure; most don’t need to be. There are times, however, when a network client wants to secure a transmission, to transmit encrypted data (files, messages, or any other type of data). While methods exist to individually transmit secure messages, they can be cumbersome.
identity theft secure transmissions
February 20, 2009 Attested Key-Pair Generation with “Key Escrow”
Occasionally credential issuers want (or require) that encryption private keys are backuped in order to be able to restore data (AKA “key escrow”) in case an encryption-key is lost or is replaced
attestation scheme
February 19, 2009 Tamper proof electronic banking hash-based generator
A method to protect cybercriminals from stealing money using Internet banking websites.
cyber-crime bank accounts
February 16, 2009 Automatic differentiation from compiled code
This paper describes the concepts underlying an innovative automatic differentiator for mathematical functions.
February 10, 2009 Method for Customizing Queries Based on User Preferences for Searching Online Content and Returning Customized Results
Search engines interpret identical queries the same way, even though the users who submit these queries might be looking for different results. Users would be better served if their queries could be intelligently interpreted from the results of past search sessions
February 10, 2009 A Single Login Process for External, Internet-based Online Services
Many computer services are available online through the Internet, requiring various levels of security and login information.
database password
February 09, 2009 Modeling Interplanetary Communications after Telecommunication Networks
Interplanetary communications can be improved by modeling satellite management after current telecommunication networks. .
February 09, 2009 Method for Creating a Personalized Graphical Interface that Balances Individualized Content with Content Provider Requirements
Users want a personalized, customized interface when visiting a content provider’s site, with links to their favorite topics, places, and interests. On the other hand, content providers want to maintain a certain degree of control over the information presented to a user. (Content can contain news, gossip, politics, sports, shopping, and entertainment.)
content personalized
February 09, 2009 Method for an Online Merchant to Offer Competitive Product Pricing and Promotions Attractive to their Global Customers
An online merchant sells to a global customer base. Customers in one locality have their own customs and purchasing habits that can differ—sometimes radically—from customers in another locality.
February 09, 2009 Method for Installing Only Those Application Features That Are Actually Used
Large software applications have many features, some of which are regularly used, others that are never used. Installing applications of this size, and possibly downloading them, takes a considerable amount of time and resources. Linux inventories the current state of a computer and the user’s processing behavior, and stores this information in a user preference profile.
installation user preferences
February 06, 2009 Secure Management of Objects in Remote Containers Shared by Multiple and Independent Issuers
If an issuer wishes to replace, modify, clone, or delete a previously issued object in a remote container shared by multiple and independent issuers, there are a number of requirements needing attention for making this viable
universal key
January 29, 2009 Method for Efficiently and Securely Purchasing Goods from Online Services
Online purchasing transactions cannot always be counted on to be secure. In this invention, Linux gets involved in both ends of the transmission of secure transactions: Linux must be running on both the local computer where the transaction originates and on the online service’s server.
security online transactions encryption key
January 29, 2009 Subject Key Attestations in KeyGen2
The document describes an on-line provisioning protocol the enables issuers to verify that assymetric key-pairs actually are generated in clients' trusted containers as well as how you can securely download symmetric keys to such containers.
January 22, 2009 Method for Installing Software Upgrades with Improved Uninstall Capabilities
Sometimes upgrades are simply unwanted: because they add unwanted or unneeded “features”; because the upgrade does not run properly on the installed operating system; or because of any number of other reasons.
upgrades uninstall
January 12, 2009 Display right-to-left (RTL) language text on mobile devices without RTL support
This document describe a simple way to allow viewing RTL text on such devices without the added complexity of proper RTL or bidirectional (BiDi) support.
right-to-left language text
January 08, 2009 System for Upgrading Software and Related Data Files On a Need Basis Without Querying a Database
This publication describes an automated process for upgrading software and data files from cloud computing without querying a database and on an as-needed basis.
date files