Ability To Watch Media “Edited” Or “Personalized” Or “Enhanced” For Arbitrary (Online And Offline) Movie Players.

This invention is a computer program that can track/monitor another arbitrary video player, during playback of its video. It can determine the player’s “current” playback time, then react if the playback time is related to timestamps of interest described somewhere and applicable to the given media. It can determine current playback time by using several methods. One is the API of a player in question (for instance, the youtube SDK in HTML/javascript, or the VLC movie player’s libvlc API which provides callbacks providing current video time). The other is that it can determine current playback time by taking a “screen snapshot” of a playing movie player, then using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to determine the digits being currently displayed in the player’s on-screen playback timestamp, thus inferring the current playback position from the digits’ value

Publication Date
07 November 2012

playback sensible cinema


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