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Defensive Publications are a method for the open source community to prevent the issuance of low quality software patents. These publications serve as evidence to disclose to the examiner what is new and innovative within the technology. Through Linux Defenders, developers collaborate with our team to ensure that these publications are effective in protecting the freedom to create, invent and operate.

Publication Date Title Tags
September 05, 2014 Token-Based Multiparty Password Authenticated Key Retrieval Process
This is a process that allows a user to retrieve a secret key with the help of multiple independent servers.
security Multiparty Secure Distributed Cryptography authentication password Authenticated Key Retrieval PAKR Secret Token
July 28, 2009 USB Two Factor Authentication- A Novel Methodology for Physically Authenticating a New Hardware Device
New hardware devices added to secure networks require authentication to verify that the devices belong on the secure network.
hardware authentication
July 28, 2009 Two Factor Authenication Mechanism
The Assisted Two Factor Authentication Mechanism via a Trusted External Source is a new secure method for adding hardware to a secure network.
hardware authentication peer information
March 11, 2009 Method of Providing Anonymous Secure User Access Tokens
While passwords provide some protection, a skilled individual can intercept data such as usernames and passwords and gain access to the data.
authentication database access
February 24, 2009 Process for Implementing a Single Login Process for Internal Computer Services
With so many passwords, users tend to create the same password for every computer service or, worse, leave a printed list of this information in plain sight.
authentication database