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Defensive Publications are a method for the open source community to prevent the issuance of low quality software patents. These publications serve as evidence to disclose to the examiner what is new and innovative within the technology. Through Linux Defenders, developers collaborate with our team to ensure that these publications are effective in protecting the freedom to create, invent and operate.

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August 23, 2012 Various Techniques to Increases Searching Speed, Unification, Reduce Installation Cost & Memory Consumption
Biometrics is playing a vital role in today’s technical world. In today’s world biometrics means security, automation and so many other usages. There are a lot of techniques for searching a biometric data or pattern from large database. This paper is about various techniques for fast searching. More specifically I can say I am going to purpose three new methods to search a person’s identity from whole universe’s database.
biometrics fingerprinting